Elizabeth Barsotti.

The secrets

of our brains

Dr Elizabeth Barsotti is on a mission to map brains from across the animal kingdom. Her work is straight out of science fiction.


Testing the Third Thumb

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Arthur Hatt.

Features - Growing 'mini-guts' in the lab

Cambridge scientists have grown 鈥榤ini-guts鈥 in the lab to help understand Crohn鈥檚 disease. Arthur donated cells from his intestine to the study.
Bowling machine pitching ball at cricketer.

News - Rebuilding historic bowling machine

Engineers at Cambridge University have reconstructed the Venn cricket bowling machine. Invented over a hundred years ago, the original machine bowled out players from the Australian cricket team in 1909.
Charcoal sponge in a laboratory.

News - Capturing carbon dioxide from the air

Researchers have developed a low-cost, energy-efficient method for making materials that can capture carbon dioxide directly from the air.


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Join the University's Museum of Zoology in a livestream from the Museum galleries. Zoology experts will be exploring the many ways our natural world is connected and a chance to ask your questions to local wildlife experts.
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Family - The Butterfly Effect 鈥 until Tuesday 22 April 2025

New climate-themed art exhibition by local schoolchildren opens its wings at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

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